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fi-compass Showcase 2019

Eventi IT - UE
Data: 11 Novembre 2019

The fi-compass Showcase 2019 promotes stories from all across the EU related to ESIF financial instruments and the supported projects.

The participation in the ‘fi-compass Showcase 2019’ is open to all.

Anyone with a story to share is welcome to contribute. We want to hear from managing authorities, intermediate bodies, fund of funds, financial intermediaries, final recipients and any other stakeholders involved in financial instruments under all types of ESI Funds (ERDF, CF, ESF, EAFRD and EMFF).

The story can address the financial instrument’s objectives, its implementation process and/or its results, for instance by describing one or Manchester's Citylabsmore projects supported by the instrument.

Your input can include short interviews with involved parties, presenting their perspective and contributions to make the financial instrument work.


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