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Sesar 4 Flight Brindisi

4 Flight – Brindisi ACC – WP 1

The purpose of this project is to design, develop and implement a complete next generation ATM system (the "4-Flight Air Traffic Management System") that entirely meets the requirements of the set of laws relating to the Single European Sky (SES) and the technologies and operational concepts validated within the SESAR program.

The implementation of the 4-Flight system, based on the most recent technology and on the brand new Coflight Flight Data Processing System (FDPS), will improve the management of the Italian airspace by uniforming the systems and tools present in the 4 Italian Area Control Centers.

The architecture of the 4-Flight system also envisages a significative improvement in the modularity, functionality, safety and reliability of the entire ATM system. In this way, 4Flight will ensure excellent performance in terms of safety, capacity, environmental impact and cost-efficiency, thereby contributing to a significant improvement in network performance in Europe. The activities developed within the project shall be focused on the development/implementation of software and the installation of hardware as regards the target site of Brindisi ACC.

Identity card of the intervention

  Beneficiario: ENAV - Ente Nazionale per l'Assistenza al Volo

  Action Line: I.2.1

  Start and end date: June 2016 - December 2020

  Location of the intervention:Milano, Padova, Roma e Brindisi Comuni: Milano, Padova, Roma e Brindisi

  OP Contribution: 34,0 mln€