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Adaptation of Airport Weather Systems

Adaptation of Airport Weather Systems

Adaptation of airport weather systems via the supply and installation of the e-AWOS systems at the AV centers of Brindisi ACC Crotone, Bari, Reggio Calabria, Salerno, Foggia, Grottaglie, Pantelleria and Lampedusa.

The project was designed with a view to complying with the provisions of Amendments 74 and 75 Annex 3 ICAO that has introduced the new standard of systems for the supply of data from airport weather observations and forecasts of the new E-Awos system built into the new Sesar–oriented inter-operatable platform of ATM.

Identity card of the intervention

  Beneficiary: ENAV - Ente Nazionale per l'Assistenza al Volo

  Action Line: I.2.1

  Start and end date: January 2014 - June 2021

  Location of the intervention: Napoli, Catania, Lamezia Terme, Bari, Reggio Calabria, Lampedusa, Comiso, Pantelleria, Crotone, Salerno, Foggia, Grottaglie e Brindisi

  OP Contribution: 6,2 mln€