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Port of Taranto - PCS

Taranto PCS supporting the interoperability with the regional, national and global logistics system

ig gp taranto port enVia the implementation of a ‘Digital port’ that can interface, interoperate and integrate also with homogeneous systems in complementary spheres of competence of national and local importance, the project intends to improve performance in terms of environment, efficiency and saving of time for the processing/execution of the applications submitted, also linked to customs clearance and transport safety and security.

To this end, 9 phases containing different modules have been identified: (Functional expansions; Evolutionary non-functional requirements; Evolutionary functional requirements; Security system evolutions; Interoperability; Customer Relationship Management; Evolutionary modules for the Port System Authorities; Business Intelligence systems; Monitoring).

Identity card of the intervention

 Beneficiary: Port System Authority  of the Ionian Sea

  Action Line: II.1.3

  Start and end date: June 2019 - June 2022

  OP Contribution: 4,7 mln€