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Smart Road

Smart Road

The project regards the implementation of Smart Road advanced technological infrastructure along the A2 – ‘Autostrada del Mediterraneo’ motorway (formerly A3 ‘Salerno - Reggio Calabria’), for the connectivity between motorway users and Anas operators for exploiting the specific ITS services.

The Smart Road envisaged by the project stems from the application of the modern concept of road that focuses the attention of the road user and on his/her safety. The project, in fact, has the aim of creating a system capable of providing users with added value information so as to increase road safety and travel comfort according to the various road system conditions.

SMART is actually an Italian acronym that in this context can be translated as Safe, Multimedial, Open, Renewable and Technological. The user driving along the Smart Road is kept informed in real time about road conditions, the possibility of taking alternate routes and about weather conditions and is alerted in the event of danger and accidents at any time and in his or her own language.

Identity card of the intervention

  Beneficiary: ANAS - Ente Nazionale per le Strade

  Action Line: II.2.2

  Start and end date: June 2017 - December 2021

  Location of the intervention: Altilia, Castrovillari, Catanzaro, Cosenza, Lamezia Terme, Morano Calabroe

  OP Contribution: 21,0  mln€