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Port of Salerno – Rail and road connections

ig gp salerno porta ovest enSalerno Porta Ovest is a completion project aimed at eliminating the current bottleneck caused by the city road junction between the A3 motorway and the port infrastructure with related embarkation on ro-ro ships. It envisages the construction of a double-barrel tunnel (northbound and southbound lanes) that in the northern portion connects onto Via Risorgimento just prior to the intersection with Via Cernicchiara and, in the southern portion, to Via Ligea at the rear of the trade port.

The entire GP consists of two functional stages, only the first of which has been funded under NOP ‘Networks and Mobility’ 2007-2013. The project includes the construction of a double-barrel tunnel (northbound and southbound lanes), i.e.: a) The Northbound lane tunnel – total barrel length 2,493 metres; b) Southbound lane tunnel - total barrel length 2,469 metres. The typical cross-section of the bored tunnel has an average internal radius of 5.90 m and an excavation area of about 130 m2.

The average longitudinal slope of the two galleries is about 4.5÷4.8%. The effective width of the lanes, road side verges included, equals 8.25 m, and service sidewalks 0.60 m wide are also envisaged.

Identity card of the intervention

  Beneficiary: Port System Authority of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea

  Action Line: II.1.2

  Start and end date: September 2013 - September 2019

   OP Contribution: 60,6 mln€

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