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Speeding up of the Catania-Siracusa (CT-SR) route - Bicocca -Targia section

ig gp bicocca enThe project consists of the 1st functional block Bicocca – Augusta, that corresponds with Phase 2 of the GP

The implementation of the Bicocca–Augusta section entails the following main works:

  • 7 route variants;
  • overhaul of the existing works in order to ensure their durability;
  • restoration of the water management works (diversion ditches, delivery channels, etc.);
  • escarpment stabilization works (riveting, retaining walls, scaling with stone blocks, etc.);
  • underpassage, stairs, ramps in the Lentini station;
  • implementation in the station structures of escape tracks;
  • creation of technological niches inside the Valsavoia tunnel;
  • adaptation to the minimum requirements envisaged by Min. Decree 28/10/2005 “Safety in railway tunnels” for the existing 1519 m long Valsavoia tunnel;
  • construction of 3 new flyovers and of 2 channel bridges.

Additionally, the project envisages works on the systems in:

  1. Stations: Lentini Branch (on the CT-SR line it acts as shunting yard) (km 248+761) and Lentini (km 254+315)
  2. Shunting yards: (the structure of Passomartino has already been eliminated during the DTP works); Agnone di Siracusa (km 263+490); Brucoli (km 274+979).

The project works envisage all of the interventions on the safety and signaling systems, telecommunication systems, electric traction and superstructure, as well as noise mitigation operations, in some sections via the application of noise barriers and in others via direct intervention on the receptors.

Identity card of the intervention

  Beneficiary: RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana

  Action Line: I.1.2

  Start and end date: November 2015 -  December 2022

  Location of the intervention: Augusta, Carlentini, Catania, Lentini

  OP Contribution: 75,3 mln€


Data updated in  February 2020

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