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Port of Gioia Tauro: rail gateway

Port of Gioia Tauro: rail gateway

The project for the terminal includes the installation of a group of track bundles (4) laid out in two distinct areas for the handling of goods for international and national destinations, in addition to stocking and exchange areas, covering overall a surface area of 269,000 m2 for the handling of goods destined for Italy and of 132,000 m2 for goods destined abroad.

The purpose of the project is to rationalize the handling of trains compared to the current layout, by reducing the length of the loading track trunks used for the loading and unloading of the goods, and by reducing the tortuous maneuvers required for passing from the line to the station and from the station to the loading/unloading trunks.

It also envisages the upgrading of the existing infrastructure in terms of entrance gates and goods stocking areas, as well as of length of the tracks and related container handling infrastructure via gantry

Identity card of the intervention

 Beneficiary:  Port Authorities of Gioia Tauro

  Action Line: II.1.2

  Start and end date: June 2017 - December 2018

  OP Contribution: 19,9 mln€

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