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Napoli hub

Technological upgrade of the Napoli hub

The Naples hub is one of the key points of the Italian railway network, it being a crossroads between North and South. The current model sees a long-range traffic of about 130 trains/day, a regional traffic of over 700 trains/day and a freight load of over 30 trains/day. The Naples hub is also part of the new layout of the TEN-T Networks, especially of the core corridor No. 5 “Helsinki – La Valletta” that at the Naples hub forks towards the city of Bari along the Napoli-Bari main line.

The works envisaged are aimed at extending the SCC (command and control system) of the Napoli hub and the extension of the CTC (centralised traffic control) of Salerno Irno to the Mercato – Codola – Sarno/Nocera Inferiore/Salerno section, with the addition to the SCC of the Naples hub of the sections: Villa Literno - Napoli Centrale; Cancello – Sarno; San Marcellino – Gricignano – Maddaloni Marcianise; Napoli S. Giovanni Barra - Nocera Inferiore – Salerno. Napoli

Identity card of the intervention

  Beneficiary: RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana

  Action Line: I.1.1

  Start and end date: November 2014 - December 2020

  Location of the intervention: Casoria, Albanova, Villa Literno, Aversa, San Marcellino, Sant’Angelo, Napoli, Casoria, Frattamaggiore

  OP Contribution: 48,2 mln€