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Bari hub: ACC

Bari hub: ACC Bari Parco Nord and alternate entrance to Bari Centrale

The project envisages the construction of the new ACC – computerised central interlocking for the Bari Parco Nord station and the doubling of the alternate entrance to the Bari C.le station of the Bari-Taranto passenger line.

The works will contribute to the overall upgrading of the Bari-Taranto line via the increase in traffic capacity, the increase in circulation regularity, the rationalisation of the circulation processes. In particular, the construction of the alternate entrance to Bari Centrale will help separate the passenger and freight traffic flows.

Identity card of the intervention

  Beneficiary: RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana

  Action Line: I.1.1

  Start and end date: November 2012 - December 2021

  Location of the intervention: Bari

  OP Contribution: 10,0 mln€