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Awareness action 'Through your eyes"

‘The South #Networked with Europe: Through your eyes’ is an awareness-raising project aimed at students from the regions receiving funding from the National Operational Programme (OP) on Infrastructures and Networks 2014-2020.

The action sets out to increase young people’s interest in Europe, Cohesion Policy and interventions of the OP on Infrastructures and Networks 14-20, in addition to encouraging the active participation of schools through training and educational courses as part of scholastic programmes. The objective is that of encouraging secondary school students to consider the benefits derived from the implementation of co-funded EU interventions and the positive effects in terms of improvements to mobility and value maximization of the territory.

The project takes the form of pilot action conducted during the course of the academic year 2017/2018, involving six secondary schools located within those regions where OP interventions are implemented, selected with the support of the Regional Schools Offices.

Meetings within the schools

16 - 24 April 2018

Meetings within the schools to illustrate the main themes connected with the European Union and to offer direct testimonies concerning National Operational Programmes (OP) on Infrastructures and Networks 2014-2020.

Educational visits

3 - 15 May 2018

Educational visits to interventions jointly funded by the National Operational Programme (OP) on Infrastructures and Networks 2014-2020 for the collation of information and videos/photographs, on occasion of Europe Day


Creative Contest

Once the action is completed, the students are divided into teams in order to take part in the Creative Contest, realizing a text/drawn piece of work, a photograph or a video on the topic of:

"The South #Networked with Europe: the National Operational Programme (OP) on Infrastructures and Networks 2014-2020 through your eyes, the projects it funds and the ways in which you think they might improve your territory and influence future generations’.

All network users are able to vote on the creative pieces submitted by students participating in the awareness-raining project ‘The South #Networked with Europe: Through your eyes’, accessing from this page the voting platform as of June 18, 2018.

elaborato A text, drawn, piece of work


fotoA photograph.

video A video.


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‘The South #Networked with Europe: Through your eyes’ is taking part in EU in My Region 2018. A campaign running throughout the EU encouraging citizens to discover EU projects currently in progress in their areas. It includes a range of different initiatives inviting members of the public to visit project sites and share photos and experiences on social media. 

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