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dal 22 gennaio 2020 è online l'elenco provvisorio delle operazioni ammesse/ammissibili

"Realizzare piattaforme e strumenti intelligenti di info-mobilità per il monitoraggio e la gestione dei flussi di traffico di merci e persone,
principalmente sistemi ITS, sistemi informativi e soluzioni gestionali, strumenti di monitoraggio del traffico, ecc."


The purpose of Evaluation is to improve the quality, effectiveness and coherence of the Programme, the strategy and its implementation. Evaluations are financed using the resources of Axis III and are carried out by experts or bodies within or outside the Administration, functionally autonomous with respect to the Certifying and Audit Authorities. The aim of the evaluations relating to the Programme, in line with articles 54 et seq. of Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013, is to improve the quality of the planning and execution of the Programme and to assess its effectiveness, efficiency and impact.

The following evaluations are envisaged:

  • an ex-ante evaluation
  • a mid-term evaluation
  • specific and thematic evaluations
  • an ex post evaluation

The results of the evaluations are initially submitted to the Monitoring Committee, then to the Commission and are finally published according to the rules on access to documents. The Managing Authority has the task of drafting the Evaluation Plan, which describes the evaluation tasks due to be carried out during the implementation of the Programme, the timeline and the resources allocated.