South #InNetwork with Europe. Sustainable mobility restarts from here.

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dal 22 gennaio 2020 è online l'elenco provvisorio delle operazioni ammesse/ammissibili

"Realizzare piattaforme e strumenti intelligenti di info-mobilità per il monitoraggio e la gestione dei flussi di traffico di merci e persone,
principalmente sistemi ITS, sistemi informativi e soluzioni gestionali, strumenti di monitoraggio del traffico, ecc."


The Managing Authority guarantees the activation and the proper functioning of the monitoring system, in accordance with the classification systems provided for under Community Regulations.

The Monitoring Manager is the reference person for activities relating to the management of the monitoring procedures; the supervision and review of the monitoring data for individual projects; the validation of the financial, physical and procedural data on the SIPONREM portal and the corresponding validation/transmission to the BDU IGRUE (Unified Data Bank – Inspectorate-General for Financial Relationships with the European Union) for the validation of data and management of the procedures on the IGRUE Portal; it interfaces with Technical Assistance for monitoring, adopts any requirements (technical and on a need-to-know basis) made by the Beneficiaries relating to the use of the IT system and to the monitoring procedure.