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Proper progress in implementation is guaranteed by the actions of the Monitoring Committee as set out in articles 47/48/49 of Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013. When carrying out its functions the Monitoring Committee examines:

  • any issues that affect the performance of the OP including the conclusions of the checks on the efficiency of implementation;
  • progress made in implementation of the evaluation plan and the follow-up given to findings of evaluations;
  • implementation of the communication strategy;
  • implementation of joint action plans;
  • actions to promote equality between men and women, equal opportunities, and non-discrimination, including accessibility for persons with disabilities;
  • actions to promote sustainable development;
  • where applicable, any ex ante conditionalities not fulfilled at the date of the submission of the Partnership Agreement and Operational Programme;
  • progress on actions to fulfil the applicable ex ante conditionalities;
  • the state of implementation of the financial instruments.

The Monitoring Committee is also responsible for approving:

  • the methodology and criteria used for selection of operations;
  • the annual and final implementation reports;
  • the evaluation plan for the Operational Programme;
  • the communication strategy for the Operational Programme.