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dal 22 gennaio 2020 è online l'elenco provvisorio delle operazioni ammesse/ammissibili

"Realizzare piattaforme e strumenti intelligenti di info-mobilità per il monitoraggio e la gestione dei flussi di traffico di merci e persone,
principalmente sistemi ITS, sistemi informativi e soluzioni gestionali, strumenti di monitoraggio del traffico, ecc."

Managing Authority

The Managing Authority (AdG - Autorità di Gestione) is responsible for managing and implementing the Programme in line with the principle of sound financial management and oversees the general coordination of the activities relating to the OP, reporting periodically to the Monitoring Committee (CdS - Comitato di Sorveglianza) on the actions taken and decisions made in relation to operational management.
The Managing Authority of the OP Infrastructures and Networks 2014-2020 has adopted the organisational model shown in the organisational chart below in order to carry out the managerial functions of the Programme.

The structure of the Managing Authority – designed on the basis of the specific nature of the projects financed by the Programme and by the Bodies (Beneficiaries) responsible for implementing them – envisages line and staff structures:


Autorità di Gestione

Line Structures

  • Manager of Axis III (AdG Beneficiary)
  • Managers Action Line (RLA)
  • Manager of Axis III (AdG Beneficiary)
  • Managers Action Line (RLA)

Staff Structures

  • Technical Secretary (Segreteria Tecnica) of the OP Managers of the following Areas: Communication, Evaluation, Environment and Monitoring (Comunicazione, Valutazione, Ambiente e Monitoraggio)
  • Managers Management Verifications – First-Level Control Offices Axes I and II (Verifiche di Gestione Assi I e II - UCIL)
  • Managers responsible for dealing with irregularities and OLAF cases (Gestione irregolarità OLAF)
  • Manager Payments Axes I and II (Pagamenti Asse I e II)
  • Managers responsible for risk management

Structures separate from the Managing Authority and functionally autonomous

  • Manager Management Verifications – First-Level Control Offices Axis III separate from the Managing Authority (Verifiche di gestione Asse III - UCIL III)