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The strategy of the OP Infrastructures and Networks 2014/2020 pursues the objective of promoting sustainable transport systems and eliminating bottlenecks in the main network infrastructures

The resources for the implementation of the interventions provided by OP Infrastructures and Networks meet the following objectives:

  • realization and / or completion of interventions that insist on the TEN-T Corridors for the development of Trans-European Network
  • realization and / or completion of interventions for the development of five Integrated Logistic Areas, intended as a focal point for the governance of flows and goods, due to the strategic location of the territories.
  • increasing the competitiveness of the port and interport system, modal integration and the improvement of multimodal connections
  • optimisation of air traffic by way of a contribution to the implementation of the Single European Sky
  • resource concentration on interventions for the sustainable mobility of passengers and goods

The Rail Network

The OP finances investments aimed at eliminating the existing bottlenecks on the national rail network in the priority Corridor ‘Scandinavian-Mediterranean’. The Programme’s resources will also be used to support the modernisation of the network’s infrastructure and technology both through the completion of work in progress and with new projects.

Ports, intermodality and logistics

The OP sets out to reinforce the available port services. It will make investments so as to increase the production capacity of stopovers, the supply of technology and IT and the facilitation of greater integration between harbour and inner harbour areas.

The Airport System

The increasing demand for air transport requires a strategy operating on two ostensibly different fronts, but which are nevertheless linked to one another: the development of a next-generation technology platform for managing air traffic and expanding the terrestrial accessibility of airports, in particular as regards rail access.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITSs), based on the interaction between IT and telecommunications, enable the incorporation of transport operations into an integrated system in which flows of traffic, passengers and goods are evenly distributed between different modes of transport, resulting in greater efficiency, productivity and safety.

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National Operational Programme Infrastructures and Networks 2014-2020.

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