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The communications relating to the OP Infrastructures and Networks pursue the objective of encouraging and creating a flow of information that is constant and transparent, for the benefit of a wide audience, concerning the contents and aims of the programme and the results achieved, highlighting the role played by the European Union in the implementation of measures.

General objectives of communications

To inform public opinion about the role played by the European Union through the Programme and the results obtained

To inform prospective Beneficiaries about the possibilities available and obtainable from the European Union and from Member States

To raise awareness of the projects completed through the use of the Funds in the regions benefitting from the Programme


Specific objectives of communications

To highlight the contribution provided by the Programme towards achieving the goals laid down in the Common Strategic Framework and to highlight the role played by the European Union

To emphasise the positive impact in economic and social terms of the investments in infrastructures benefitting from Community co-financing

To guarantee maximum visibility and awareness, particularly among local communities, of the measures co-financed

To raise awareness of the role played by the EU in protecting the environment and underline the fact that all the operations financed will be carried out by respecting the local environment

To increase the sense of belonging to Europe among the public, pointing out the benefits, even at local level, of the results obtained through the measures implemented

To encourage the involvement of the partners throughout the entire life cycle of the Programme

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