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South #InNetwork with Europe. Sustainable mobility restarts from here


AXIS I - To promote the creation of a single European space for multimodal transport with investments in the TEN-T

Completion of the strategic infrastructures

relating to the branches and nodes of the European network, concentrating on the priority transport routes crossing Italy

Completion of the strategic infrastructures

for the national feeder lines providing connectivity with the European railway corridors of the central network

Optimisation of air traffic

by way of a contribution to the implementation of the Single European Sky ATM Research project (SESAR)

AXIS II - To develop and improve sustainable transport systems

To reinforce port and interport infrastructures 

with the aim of decongesting traffic passing through infrastructure nodes in Southern Italy

To strengthen the multimodal links

of Ports and Interports with the global network - last mile - encouraging a unified approach for systems

To optimise the procedural efficiency

including customs, even through interoperability between different telematics systems/platforms under development

AXIS IV - Reduction of losses in water distribution networks, including digitalization and monitoring of the networks

Upgrading of the infrastructure

through the digitisation and monitoring of networks and the use of control tools

Reduction of water service divide

allowing the access to this essential public service in a consistent way at national level

Reducing waste of water resources

contributing to the efficient use of resources and to environmental sustainability

AXIS VI – Strengthening regional mobility to promote green, digital and resilient recovery

Renewing the fleet

The purchase of new eco-compatibile buses: hybrid, electric and hydrogen powered plus methane for out-of-town routes only

Digital transformation of transport

Positioning systems, ticket validation machines for digital ticketing, costumer information and video surveillance systems

AXIS VII - Measures (SAFE) to deal with the energy crisis deriving from the impact of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine

Reduction of the cost of electrical energy

by granting a bonus to vulnerable families, distributed to offset the increased expenses incurred for electrical energy

AXIS III and AXIS V - Technical Assistance

These Axis involve measures aimed at improving as far as possible the efficiency and effectiveness of the actions supported by the Programme. With this in mind, and in line with the provisions of article 59 of Reg. (EU) No 1303/2013, actions will be taken for the provision of technical-specialist assistance and accompanying measures for the benefit of the Programme’s Managing, Audit and Certifying Authorities aimed at the rationalisation, simplification and transparency of the procedures relating to the management and implementation of the actions and the greater efficiency of the OP as a whole.